What business isn't looking for an effortless way to keep on top of it's cash? Having enough cash in the bank is something that’s so stressful for most business owners that they can’t sleep. We can change that! Let our automated tools take away the stress.

Here are the solutions that can be tailored just for you:

  1. Forecasting -  Say goodbye to spreadsheets, and hello to a new way of understanding your cash position.
  2. Planning -  Before you make a change, it’s important to understand the implications.
  3. Funding -  Get offers quickly and secure a loan in days.
  4. Chasing -  Helping you get money in the bank, faster. 

As more businesses get growing again, we are helping clients assess if they need more cash coming in. 

This includes lending products like asset finance, which could help you expand without spending a lot of money up-front. 

You might use asset finance to:

  1. Hire equipment to fulfill in order 
  2. Invest in new equipment as you reopen 
  3. Release the cash in something you already own

Check out this guide to asset finance, which gives you a quick introduction.

Fluidly can match you with over 40 lenders, from high street banks to alternative providers. Get Funding

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