What is it?

It’s one simple online checkout for all invoices – making life easier for both of our businesses. All you need to do is choose whether you’d like to settle up there and then or spread the cost over 3 months, and we get paid up front every time. 

Here’s how it works. 

1. We’ll send you an invoice with a link This is a ‘pay link’; you’ll just need to click it to get going.
2. You’ll have two choices

  • Pay Now: in just a few clicks, you can scan a code to pay us straight from your bank account (no fees, interest or failed transactions)
  • Pay Later: you’ll be able to set up a payment plan with iwocaPay to spread this invoice over 90 days, with no interest for 30.

3. We’ll get paid straight away, either way. We won’t need to chase anything up, and we won’t know which option you choose.

How does paying later work?

Like this:

  • you give iwoca some basic details about your business
  • iwoca show you what your monthly payments could look like, and you’ll accept
  • iwoca automatically take your monthly payments from the card you register.

That’s it. You can settle up the full amount early, if you like, or make extra payments – both are ways to save on interest, and neither come with a fee. 

You can do it all through your iwocaPay account or by giving us a call.

What if I miss a payment? 

If you’re worried you might miss a payment, get in touch with us or iwoca and we'll work together to find a way to help. 

How much will it cost to repay later?

If you pay the full us invoice amount within 30 days, it's completely free. After that, iwoca will charge an interest rate based on your business – there are no extra or hidden fees.

iwoca Pay

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Get your invoices paid sooner by making it easier to pay with iwocaPay. Your customers choose to pay now or pay over 3 instalments, and you get paid up front every time.

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