Accountants certificate for Mortgage applications

If you are applying for a mortgage and have been told by your lender that you will need to submit an income certification prepared by professional accountants then PBT are here to help. We provide a swift turnaround for income certifications, allowing your mortgage application to proceed without delay.
Most banks and mortgage lenders require at least two years of accounting records before even considering lending and therefore it is imperative that you have a set of organised, up-to-date and professionally produced accounts which show your income to be either stable or rising.
You will be required to provide a lenders own accountant certificate completed by us or Self-assessment tax forms (SA302) plus supporting tax year overviews (TYOs).

Information required on SA320

  • The HMRC logo. 
  • The unique tax reference. 
  • Your name and address. 
  • The tax year. 
  • The document name e.g. SA302.

Information required on TYOs

  • The HMRC logo. 
  • Your name. 
  • The unique tax reference. 
  • How much tax is due. 
  • How much tax has been paid for the tax year. 
  • The document name e.g. SA302.

Important information 

  • The TYO must match the corresponding SA302 for income and tax. 
  • Overdue tax is not acceptable.

What you need to do next:

  • Make an appointment via our online diary to discuss this further
  • Send us any relevant forms and feel free to copy us in on an email to any advisor you have
PBT Accountancy Limited - Mortgage Applications