The new world of accountancy

May 24, 2018


For most, accountancy can seem like a whole different world, with a language all of its own. We have all read a document from our solicitors and not been able to decipher what any of it means and it can be the same for Accountants, with some people unable to understand the language they speak. But there is a revolution coming. No longer can business owners sit back and neglect their finances, they are now having to learn the language of the accountancy world and take control of their finances.


We understand that for many small businesses, owners have better things to be doing and do not want to spend their time doing their books. So what they need is a reliable and cost effective service from an experienced Accountant, who can translate the jargon into a language they can understand, and this is where PBT can help.


This revolution also includes cloud software. Instead of having to wait until the end of the month or year, you can now have real time accounts just when you want them. This kind of information and knowledge is invaluable to business owners. Many see automation as a threat but PBT are certified advisors of Xero and Quickbooks software and believe it can be a businesses greatest ally.


A change in the times


Times are changing and unless Accountants move with the times, there is a worry that they will become extinct, as more and more business owners start handling their own accounts. As a result, Accountant’s are becoming more than simple number crunchers, they are becoming an integral part of the success and growth of a business.


We are no longer expected to work quietly through a mountain of receipts or a variety of spreadsheets. Our aim at PBT is to stay ahead of the game and we continuously work to adapt our services and maintain professional development to ensure we add value to any business.


Our experts are keen to help your business prosper in this new digital age, so get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you in this ever-changing financial world.


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