The future of number crunching

May 31, 2018


Are our jobs safe? We are seeing many articles lately discussing the security of an Accountant's career. With the ever-changing business world, Accountants need to have more skills than just the traditional number crunching.


With cloud accounting and automation on the rise, some may worry that artificial intelligence will remove the need for humans when it comes to the more mundane accounting duties. Having said that, there is still a need for humans to provide a sanity check. As we know, if bad data is going into a system then bad data will in turn come out.


Stereotypically an Accountant is tagged as boring and robotic. We recently heard the phrase “male, pale and stale” as a term to describe them. But they couldn't be more wrong, as the focus of employing an Accountant has become more about our personalities and soft skills.


These new skills include:

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Creativity and vision

  • Critical thinking

  • Communication and collaboration

As well as the threat of artificial intelligence, there are a number of other matters that are coming to an Accountant’s attention. So what should we be brushing up on to stay ahead of the game? They include:

  • Blockchain and other Crypto currencies

  • Cyber security

  • Drones and VR Technology

  • GDPR

Accountants need to be looking forwards not backwards, being more proactive and not reactive. We have already noticed the shift of Accountants becoming more of an asset to a business due to the expertise, knowledge and skills we possess.


At PBT we are passionate about numbers, people and businesses. Contact our team today and let us help to show you the way and be your asset in a world full of liabilities.

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