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In business sometimes it is not all about what you know, it's who you know. This is exactly why we have set up our recommendations page to connect our clients with other businesses who are ready to guide you though the next step of your business journey.​


One of our recommended partners is Go Gloucestershire Communications Ltd and here is the entrepreneur himself, Michael Stanley, explaining how he can help your business:


"I’m the Director of Go Gloucestershire Communications Ltd and I’m passionate about communications and I take great pride in giving the best solution to my client’s unique needs.


With over 18 years’ experience working within the business telecoms and IT sector, I have the proven knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best telecommunications and IT solutions for your business.


I’ve primarily worked within BT corporate as a Senior Account Director, where I managed large organisations communications. Now I have created my own business, dedicated to helping local businesses thrive with the latest communications solutions.


I started up Go Gloucestershire Communications Ltd because I saw the need for organisations throughout the county and beyond to have a local and direct level of support for their communications services and products.


Being able to help clients with the ever-evolving world of telecoms and IT is part of the passion behind my business. But, I also love to reduce their costs by offering great deals and packages that are not generally available. I also greatly enjoy helping client’s businesses to grow by using the latest technologies available to them.


My core values as Director of Go Gloucestershire Communications are:

  • To remove the headache of managing telecoms and IT.

  • To give clients the ability to identify with and adapt to changes in technology.

  • To offer a direct level of support that is second to none.

I want my client’s businesses to evolve and grow with my help and with Go Gloucestershire Communications supporting them along their journey."


Want to know more? You can visit their website here.







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