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March 19, 2018



For many, Accountants are seen as merely number crunchers and many clients we have worked with over the last few months already have some form of procedure in place to count the numbers.


At PBT we will not settle for simply being number crunchers when we know we have so much more to offer. Our aim at PBT is to provide our clients with added services and care to support business growth. Our philosophy is simple “helping you to grow your very own money tree”. We are sure no one would disagree when we say we would all love to have a money tree growing in our gardens, right?


So here at PBT when we on board a client we are not only looking at what system they currently have in place but also the structure of the business as a whole. This is a key piece of information as sometimes we find that the structure set may not be the best one for the business. Whether this is because of tax efficiencies, limited liability or other reasons, we believe that making sure the structure is right, is key for the growth of a business.


Changing the structure is not as simple as it sounds, but the time, effort and admin will be worth it because when the right structure is in place the world really is your oyster.


We see an array of accounting methods in our line of work, some still use the old fashioned book, others have upgraded to a spreadsheet and very few use an accounting software. There are many accounting softwares out there and they all pretty much do the same job but we advise all business to invest in one. Accounting software has endless benefits for businesses, particularly for business owners who like to work “on the move” and more importantly for accountants it means we can access the system remotely, anywhere at any time.


Not only are PBT best placed to advise you on what software to use we can help with an array of business decisions, providing advice on the best solution for your business. Every business we meet has different needs and we get asked for advice on an array of matters including:


  • Setting up bank payments

  • Taking money as dividends or paying themselves

  • Business acquisitions and valuations

  • Pension and auto enrolment questions

  • Help with websites and marketing

  • New car finance options


In addition to the above, at PBT we are here to support our clients. We are available out of hours to speak to clients who may be panicking about a change, who may be nervous about a decision from the HMRC or simply need some reassurance. This is what we are here for. Accountants are no longer straight faced suit wearers who hide behind their calculator, we are real people with real advice, there for all your business needs… helping you grow your money tree!


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